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Why are authors so boring?

At the desk, 8:10 a.m.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm often surprised at what boring people authors are. Last week, I had a chance to watch a day in the life of Tim Ferriss and... snore... Here's the video, but be forewarned it's about 25 minutes of...snore...

The set up is good. He has a few meetings and is going to shoot handguns. Sounds interesting, except for the fact that authors are boring. The most interesting pieces are the interviews. But seriously, if someone's not pulling the information out of him, he's flat and uninteresting.

I personally think it's a facet of the art of writing. An author, particularly a single author, spends his or her days focused on turning thoughts into written words. Speaking is secondary to the skill of translating images to written word.

And, let's be frank.

I'm an incredibly boring person. Even with all my passions - bees, gardening, sunflowers, and whatever - I still spend most of every day and all day during the week translating what I see into written word. Snnnnooooorrrrreee.

I mean Janet Evanovich says, and I'm paraphrasing, a boring workaholic.

Anyway, I'm in the salt mines of Denver Cereal today which means I'm sitting at my desk typing.