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When fear comes a knocking....

"Ma'am, we are going house to house today to offer our security systems.  You realize that as one of the only houses without a security system, you are at risk of assault, theft and injury?"

I raised my eyebrows.? The young salesman stopped talking at my response.

"We've never had a problem," I said.

"Lived here long?" He asked.? "A lot of your neighbors have just moved to the area. They are concerned with the crime in this neighborhood."

"Maybe they should have moved somewhere else," I said.

My neighborhood has "transitioned" from lower income to professionals and families.? We moved here because it was close to the park. We liked the large lots, hundred year old houses, and 'live and let live attitude' of the neighborhood.? After all, we keep four beehives and a little urban garden in our backyard.

When we moved here, the businesses were boarded up.? Now, a block from our house is the "hot" area of town with bars, great restaurants, a music venue, and even a burlesque venue.? The abandoned hospital has been turned into luxury condominiums.? Our little neighborhood is booming.

So fear comes a knocking.

The security system people didn't visit us when there was a serial rapist living in an abandoned building a block away.? They didn't come when someone was beaten in front of our house.? I didn't receive a visit when the crack whore worked next door.?? The security people didn't visit our block when the young man was shot or the meth lab was raided or the cab driver was attacked only to be rescued by an ex-Green Beret neighbor.

The security system people came when wealth moved into the neighborhood.

"I have this visicious dog," I said.

He looked at Rose.? She wagged her whole body at him.? She also carried her beloved handkerchief in her mouth.

"Ma'am, you can never be too careful."

"You're right."

I closed the door on his face.? He can peddle his fear somewhere else.