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What's so great about being normal?

At my desk, 6:50 a.m.

Here's the thing. Only normal people say: "What's so great about being normal?"

They say it because they think the opposite of normal is "unique," and from their normal perspective "unique" seems pretty freakin' cool.They want to cut their hair, tattoo their bodies, get a piercing through their nose or eyebrow, or maybe "join the creative crowd" and sign their life's savings over to the Apple Corporation.

But at the end of every day, they nestle in their normal beds (with unique sheets) after their normal days with their normal families and normal lives.

I can say a lot of things about normal people, but all of them would be laced with the bitterness of jealousy.

"Why can't you just be normal?" says (my youngest sister, boyfriends, the love of my high school life, former employers, and many, many others.)

Because I can't.