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What's goin' on? Tell me what's going on? (Serial round up!)

Here's your sound track for this week's serial round up - "What's going on" by Marvin Gaye.

This song is oddly appropriate as Denver Cereal descends into Tanesha's past. Jeraine steps into his role as husband and refuses to let Tanesha listen the stories by herself. He calls in the girlfriends (Sandy, Heather, and Jill) and they settle in to listen. And what comes... if awful, beautiful in some ways, but awful.  No excuses are made. Rodney Smith and Gran just give the facts and we're left understanding the wounds that seems to never heal. In the meantime, Sissy is enjoying her chance to dance with a real life ballerina. She learns some hard news about why she hasn't been offered a position with a company yet. Sissy also learns that ballerina's come in all shapes and sizes.

The Queen of Cool darkens as Jaden continues to hold Lo at gun point in the basement of the old Swift Packing Plant. They discover why Don built the room and even believe they've found Leroy Hudson's body. But Jaden never lowers his gun. As the second half of Chapter Twenty-four unfolds, we have to wonder - is Lo going to survive? Are we rooting for her to join Don? Or...?

In other Queen of Cool news, the story's run at She is Dallas is winding down. The last segment will be posted April 15, 2012. The entire book is at the last stop copy editor and I'm up to my eyebrows in microscopic edits. The nice thing about this small moment of time is that I have some free time. The hard thing is the moment when the next round of edit arrive and I'm looking at commas again and the manuscript moves from playground to garden patch.

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