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Whatcha doing this Saturday??

Hey Denver!  It's time again for the Underground Music Showcase.

Now, you're probably thinking 1) "that sounds lame" or 2) "those young hippy kids just make a mess" or 3) "what's the Underground Music Showcase?"

Ok, it's a stupid name.

Here's the deal.  You pay $10 in advance or $12 at the door.  And you get access to over 80 bands, 14 venues in 4 blocks.  Good deal right?

It's actually better than that.  Last year, when a band played a lame song, we just wandered next door to a better song, then wandered across the street.  It was very cool.

Like when Rocker Boy, well known for his awful taste in music, said, 'go see this band' and they are super duper lame?  You can just smile and wander across the street. No fighting, no mess, no 'I can't believe I paid $20 to see this super duper lame band'.

Just pure old fashioned fun.

There are also special things.  Last year we saw Munley and the Lee Lewis Harlots do a perfect (and I mean perfect) acoustic set.  This year, there will be comedians, DJs and band including Born in the Flood (one of my favorites - Low Flying Clouds).

Let's cut to the chase:

If you're going, shoot me an email.  We'll meet up.  We're planning on going in the evening - since the thing goes from 11 am to well past midnight - but we're not absolutely certain.

I know this sounds like an advert, but I already slaved for three days and am on the guest list.  I'm just interested in improving your coolness.  That's all.

It's all about you... and your cool factor... and meeting up... Beer will probably be involved.