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What do you want to learn about book marketing this year?? #BookMarket

Since March, 2010, I've hosted #BookMarket Twitter chat. #BookMarket is Twitter's only chat about Book Marketing. It's grown into one of the best conversations about publishing on the Internet.  The chat is from 4-5 ET on Twitter.

Over the next couple months, I'm going to slowly start moving #Bookmarket over to this blog.


We had an interesting chat today about a variety of experiences with 'selling' your books for free. We also discussed a variety of things people would like to learn about this year at #BookMarket. (If you have a topic you'd like us to explore, leave that message in the comments.)

What I learned:

One of the challenges that I see with talking about book marketing is that we get really focused on this trick or that trick. Most of the things people wanted to learn about had to do with a trick that might sell books. The hardest thing is to get an overview of the long term process of actually providing readers with quality content. My hope is that we can bridge the gap between over-focusing on technique and the generalized ideas of marketing.



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