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What crazy idea do you have?

At the desk, 8:48 a.m.

In June, 2008, I had this crazy idea - why not revive serial fiction?

If you've heard me tell this story before, you know that the first serial I wrote was the Driver for a friend's site while she had a series of house guests. You'll also remember that my friend Richardo Baca said that he would have wanted more Denver in the serial. He said he kept trying to visualize where things were happening and sometimes it was a hit and sometimes it was a miss.

And then the crazy idea happened - right there, over tequila and dinner at Mezcal - why not revive serial fiction? I'd been blogging for four years at that point, why not put the serial fiction on the Internet?

With the revival of serial fiction, the idea doesn't seem that crazy right now. But in 2008? It was a crazy, unheard of idea.

In November of that year, we went one step further - Why not start our own publishing company? See if this works? We'd owned other businesses and "traditional publishing" was crumbling around us. Why not just do it?

And this year, our crazy idea is to convert Cook Street Publishing into a cooperative. As of a week or so ago, everyone is on board. Everyone involved is ready to roll up their sleeves and get this done. By the end of the year, we'll be a coop.

So what's your crazy idea?

These guy's crazy idea changed the way running shoes are made:

Your crazy idea could save the world - so what is it? And how do we get it started?