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Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day in the United States.  Usually this day comes and goes with out much fanfare.  There are articles in paper about WWII vets and the Vietnam Vets march in a parade.

The casualties rise in Iraq. 2842 American men and women have died in this conflict.  2705 since "mission accomplished". (For more statistics, click here.) October was one of the bloodiest months in history of the conflict.  100 soldiers.  100 families.  Over 21,000 soldiers wounded. There's no end in sight.

What can we do?

Actually quite a bit.  Did you know that many soldiers don't have deodorant? Sun screen? Many don't have proper body armor.  Our medic friend Chris doesn't have coffee for his 28 hour shifts.  Imagine.

There are a number of reputable websites that will help you send a care package. Here's a list:

Treat Any Soldier

Operation AC

Soldier Angels

America Supports You

An extra $10 at the supermarket or Costco could really make a difference in someone's life.  Try it.