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Use your talents

"Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." --Henry Van Dyke

Once a week, I sit in the park and watch a flock of cormorants with a dream making client.? Over the course of the last year, we've seen them nest and raise children.? Right now, they are teaching the children to swim.

Cormorants make an awful sound.

And they are amazing creatures.

They fly and swim equally well. They eat fish that they catch underwater.? They are amazingly loving to each other.? The mates greet each other by rubbing their faces together.? Children are raised in packs and loved (and scolded) by any adult around.? They work and work and work and work.? And they play.

Their children are raised in nests high above the water.? The first swim is horrifying. The babies climb up on their mommies trying to get out of the water. She knocks them under the water.? This continues until the adolescent bird has some sense of swimming. Then he tries to get of the water with his wings.? The birds can get back to the nest until they can fly back there.? They must dry their wings in order to take flight.

And they make an awful sound.

Why am I telling you about this creatures?

Because we are amazing complicated beings in our own right.

If we sang as poorly as a Cormorant, we might spend a lot of money and energy on music lessons. We might go to voice therapy. We'd read every article on the web about improving our voice.? We might join a support group for the "vocally challenged"

Rather than doing what a Cormorant does - sing until some loves our particular call, use our talents, and thrive.

This week, let's focus on our talents rather than our faults.

Happy Monday!