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Updates - on random.

  • I guest blogged at Not a Mean Girl's place on Thursday.  I re-edited a story called "Hard Blue Chair".  You can check it out here. (It's short so don't worry.)
  • They cut down the home of the squirrelly's today... so massive squirrel evacuation in my neighborhood.  Shall we bet on how long that will last??
  • Exciting news about the Democratic convention!
  • There's going to be a tent city in the park 1/2 block from my house.  No shit. 10,000 - 20,000 people in a park with zero public toilets, zero running water, zero food, and a neighborhood with zero parking.  We're so excited that we're installing security doors on every door.  (For the record, it's not the tenters that worry me.  It's the people who will come to prey on the tenters.)
  • They are closing the Denver Courts for regular business.  Only convention business for the last two weeks of August.  Now isn't that a warm fuzzy!
  • Homeland will close a mile around the Convention.  (Let's see - 20,000 people 1/2 block from her house... unable to get to convention... what are they doing to do with their time??)
  • I've lost three relatives in the last two months. The insanity is running high in my primary family... very very high.  All those who agree that I'm lucky to be the family weirdo, RAISE YOUR HANDS!
  • Denver Cereal is doing really well.  I've picked up a bunch of email subscribers and people are agreeing to be in the story in droves.  I just have to keep it all straight now....  More than anything, I'm still enjoying working on it. YAY!
  • We've drastically reduced our electricity consumption!  By:
  • insulating the attic,
  • getting insulated blinds for all windows,
  • adding previously mentioned security doors with screens,
  • getting a house fan (installation should be this weekend),
  • starting to double pain our historic windows (one at a time),
  • instituting one light after 9 p.m. policy (This has other benefits too! ;) , and
  • Rosie and I moved to the basement during the day.
  • I created a standing work station in the basement. I can stand and work on the computer.  I really like it and particularly like what it's doing to my legs.  I can do almost everything except certain editing/blog posting/image editing. Try this - you'll be amazed at how you feel at the end of the day.
  • I still love Breaking Benjamin and hope they release a new album soon.

Now that you are completely bored, I'll sign off!  Please feel free to leave your completely random updates in the comments.  One random update deserves another - plus you KNOW how nosy I am!

Happy Friday!