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Turning on the poor.

"I am sorry that I lived long enough to see the Middle Class I helped create turn on the poor." --Tip O'Neill

In our conversations about the current economic crisis, I hear so many people blame the poor for their poverty. They should have 'known better' or should be 'more responsible'.

Poverty is not a choice.

It's an endless corridor with lots of doors.? Every door is marked 'OPPORTUNITY'. Every door is a dead end.

I was on my own when I was seventeen years old.? When I ran out of food, I didn't eat.? When I ran out of money, I slept on people's floors.? No gas money? I walked.? I worked forty or fifty hours a week and went to college.? Most of my money went to staying on inch in front of the next bill.

Speaking from personal experience, poverty is the single hardest thing to overcome. Period.

Today is Blog Action day for Poverty.

For today and every day, I ask that you hold empoverished people in your heart, mind and prayers.