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Turn about?

It seems like karma.  Michael Jackson has to give up his stake in other people's creative work in order to not declare bankruptcy.

Here's the sick thing.  Michael Jackson has lived off the royalties of other people's creative work for decades.  Royalties from the Beatle's catalogue helped pay for Neverland.  Royalties from the likes of Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the wind", Beck's "E-Pro" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" helped pay off the boys he molested.

Now Michael Jackson is in financial trouble and finally he is ready to deal.  Of course, he is not willing to give up what he still owns (1/2 of the catalogue), only 1/4 of it.  Michael Jackson plans on retiring off of the last 1/4 of the catalogue.  Eventually, he's going to need to unload his last 1/4 to continue his lifestyle.  Then what?

I guess time will tell.