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Training with David Brent

David Brent looking cool

Have you met David Brent?  I met him at possibly the worst training I have ever attended.  Of course his name wasn't David Brent, but it may as well have been.  It was unbelievable.

?How so?? you ask.

How about giving the lecture on sexual harassment and its painful effects ("You will be terminated immediately for this behavior") while giving 95% of the prizes to the buxom blonde whenever she opened her mouth?  It was so obvious and embarrassing that she started to share her prizes with the class.

Let's be frank - he did it BOTH days.  Lots of people gave answers, shared experiences, participated, yet she left loaded down with almost every prize. (No, I am not jealous, just disgusted.)

How about the time he said "Don't put down the Lifetime Channel in front of a customer; they might like the channel and find it offensive"?  In the next breath, he proceeded to tell us about his couch riding pregnant wife and her obsession with the "stupid and trite" programming on the Lifetime Channel.

Then there's "readers are leaders".

Unbelievable.  Have you ever met David Brent?