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Thursday Thirteen - Things I've learned this year.

This has been an amazing year for me.? And it's only October!? I wanted to share with you some of the things I've learned so far.

Thursday Thirteen #47 - Things I've learned this year

1.? It's easier to plan, create, and grow a garden than go to the supermarket.

2.? With a little effort, you can get a lot of fresh, organic vegetables.

3.? Even faced with the outcome of organic, soil maintenance, people would rather use petrochemicals (Miracle Grow).

4. In addition to #3, people would rather believe lies than accept the simplicity of the truth.

5. When confronted with something they don't understand, people naturally assume malicious intent.

6.? Have a question? Just ask.? Most people are well intention and want to help.

7.? Everything piece of media (television, radio, music, movies) is an advertisement.? Everything is a product for sale.

8.? Eating real, whole food is cheaper, easier to prepare, and more healthful than any other diet.

9.? Core strength is more than physical capacity.

10.? In every moment of every day, someone is experiencing real tragedy. (In other words, stop feeling sorry for yourself!)

11.? Even though I was trained to fail, I only fail when I allow my fear to over take me.

12.? Some people are competitive. Some people are alcoholics. Some people are simply better than you. Some people are worse.? In the end, all you have to do is love them.

13.?? Community is everything.? Here's your chance!? What have you learned this year?? Post it in the comments and I'll put it here!

  • "And I think planting our own veggies also save lotsa $$$." Fickleminded
  • "I?ve learned that many of my T13 pals are wise beyond words." Adelle Laudan
  • "I definitely agree with the fact that we are always being sold something. We are trying to teach our children to be aware of that, and meanwhile remind ourselves!" Ruth
  • "My whole garden functions on the plan of asking others, ?What would you do with___?? People know a lot if you ask them." Brenda
  • "I?ve learned that this blogging community is incredibly supportive. I?ve learned that there are people creating their own drama anywhere we go. I?ve learned (am still learning) that God provides all I need." Laura
  • "I love working my core muscles?it makes me feel so strong and in touch with my body?much more so than other kinds of exercise.? I?ve learned? a version of #12: that just because someone else sounds confident (or loud) doesn?t mean they necessarily know more about a subject than I do." Darla
  • "I?ve learned that we have to do things we don?t want to do sometimes, that if people lack water, they will drink the sand, and that no political campaign can ever be positive." Carmen
  • "I?ve learned that patience is a practiced task. I need this to deal with raising a 4 year old." Michelle
  • "Perhaps it?s to be more tolerant? even in the face of overwhelming intolerance. In the end, logic will win." Matthew James Didier
  • "This year the most important thing I?ve learned is that sometimes we survive even when we think we can?t, and even when we don?t think we want to. And that as hard as that truth is, I?m also grateful for it." Thorne
  • "life is a big commercial." Jameil