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Thursday Thirteen - My Man Tool.

I received an email about my man tool yesterday.  The email, from a close personal friend named srinivasa, insured that my man tool would hit the right spot.

What does that mean?

I'm female and have been all of my life.  I'm wondering what exactly is my man tool?

Thursday Thirteen - My Man Tool.

Thursday Thirteen #25 - My Man Tool

Knowing all the wise and wonderful TTers in the crowd, I thought you might help me out.

I present thirteen possible man tools:

1.  I have some marbles.


This gorgeous photo by Claudia Meyer (St Germain en Laye) France

2.  I can program in HTML, blah, blah, C+, blah, database, blah.


3.  When necessary, I use my manly power tools: cordless drill,  skill saw,  kwik-saw, electric reel lawn mover, and a variety of rusty shovels.

Rusty man tools

4.  I have an entire manly weight rack of dumbbells and a pull down machine in my basement.

Manly weight rack

5.  I recently purchased a brand new box of Crayons that were immediately confiscated by my darling husband. Clearly Crayons are a man tool.

Manly wax coloring device

6.  My bar-be-que hits the spot.  (That's got to be a man tool, right??)

Smokey Joe makes great ?que.

7.  My diamond wedding ring  is a powerful man attractant.  Every time I wear it, even if the darling husband is there, I get hard core hit on.  Last week, I spilled my drink and needed some napkins.  Leaving my dh and Rocker Boy at the table, I asked a tattooed guy on a barstool to pass the napkins to me.  He gave me a stack, called me "babe" and I wandered back to the table.  Rocker Boy noticed the guy slipped his business card in the stack of napkins.  Rocker Boy and dh busted a gut laughing.

2 carats of bling

8. The Tetrus on my manly Google Sidebar hits my "I need a break" spot.

Manly tetrus

9.  I have a subscription to the modern man's tool for enlightenment (in Spanish).  Mas sexo!

Ay Carumba!

10.  I own my very own propane torch.

Propane Torch

11.  Here's a host of manly multi-tools:

Manly Multi-tools

12.  I own a 4x4 off-road truck but it's never hit anything. Ok, it doesn't look like this....

Cartoon truck

13.  What about this man-tle:



PLEASE HELP! What is my man tool??

Write your ideas in the comments and I'll post them with a link to your blog.

  • Anthony North suggests that maybe "Peter O'Toole" as the man tool.
  • Jill "wonders if it might be an... unmentionable"
  • Beth is convinced it's a "television remote."
  • Kaige wonders what will happen when my man tool grows.
  • Adelle Lauden encourages me to ask my husband.
  • Susan Helen Gottfried says: "Isn?t your man tool your husband?"
  • KC thinks "maybe its a big thick wooden rolling pin.. you know the thing to fix the man that isn?t working right..

One hit to the head and it works wonders"

  • For some reason, Nononsense Girl has some man tools in her pocket.
  • Nap Warden is confident that a man tool is the barbeque.
  • Alasmydear says, "I always thought your Man Tool was Charm?or failing which, Fake Eyelashes!"
  • Heart in SF says, "Probably not your brain."
  • TLC suggests: "could it be a Clue x4?  Nah?men don?t have a clue!"
  • Judi encourages me to: "ask the person that sent it to you"
  • Darla thinks it's the TV remote even suggesting: "Maybe there needs to be a manliness ceremony in which we present the boy with his very own remote?."
  • Tilly Green thinks it "might be that special suit of armor (freakem' dress?) in the back of the closet?"
  • Janet reminds me that my "mantool, of course, is what you bought at that adult toy par-tay!"
  • CEO says that the TT banner pictures is: " man tool docking station."
  • The Walking Man suggests US soldiers in 'man dress', keys, anything that goes boom, steering wheel, baseball hat, comic books, 'righty tighty, lefty loosey', "Knowing that no real man knows what a mantra is", ability to grow a beard, Not making lists, "a four foot long pipe wrench and a hex wrench measuring better than 3? across", television remotes,  and, of course, sloppy handwriting.
  • Jill Lysas says that "what I have in mind is R!"
  • Sue "lost my man-tool on the way to commenting on this entry."
  • Di's man tools are "resourcefulness and the ability to nap on command."
  • Kelly says  "my man tool is the ability to make my self ?happy?."
  • Smtwngrl thinks"that email was a man tool in disguise?"
  • CelticLibrarian suggests "the 'man' page for the 'Tool' command in UNIX"
  • Denise is confident that the remote control is a man tool.
  • GdayBloke says "The barbecue. Clearly."
  • Colleen reveals "Maps. My husband looks at maps like other men look at Playboy centerfolds."
  • Tina's confident it's" one of those too rude too mention lol."
  • Michael goes "with the BBQ."
  • C(laudia) envisions "a collection of dildos in an elaborate cabinet lined with red velvet."
  • Shaunesay postulates that "many boxes of computer parts in my basement" might e a man tool.
  • Jamie suggests "selective hearing."
  • The Gal Herself says "my man tool hums and runs on C batteries."
  • Tips and Tricks reminds: "your best man tool is your hands"


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