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Thursday Thirteen : Before I die (my list)

Monday, I posted this video and asked people these questions:

What do you want to do before you die? What will it take to make it happen?

I was so impressed at the thoughtful, interesting responses that I thought I would share a few items on my life.

Thursday Thirteen #31: Things I'd like to do before I die.

1.  Live in Paris part of every year. (Photo of Les Jardins des Tuileries by Claudia Meyer, Paris)

2.  Determine my own measure of myself

3.  Find reciprocity in every thing I do.

4.  Speak fluent French and Spanish.

5.  Publish my novel series.

6.  Own a ocean front escape in Mendocino County and have the time to go there.

7.  Feel comfortable with my weight.

8.  Participate in the national conversation about torture of prisoners.

9.  Learn to surf.

10.  Grow or create the majority (80% or more) of what my family eats every day.

11.  Get a tattoo of the Chalice Well on my back.

12.  Build and run another company.

13.  Now it's YOUR turn.  What is one thing you'd like to do before you die? Write in the comments and I'll add your item to the post!  (Feel free to list more than one, I just have room to post only one though."

  • Dr. John wants to go to Finland.
  • Janet would like to live in Paris.
  • Sue would like to "spend 6 months to a year visiting every historic site that caught my fancy in the U.K."
  • Nicole Austin would "like to travel the world, not just as a vacation, but spending several months in each place I go to."
  • Kay would "love to arrange a six week trip to a villa in Italy for us and our two children?s families."
  • Michelle explains, "My father was adopted at 18 months old so we never did get to meet my biological family. I would like to meet this family and trace my Cherokee Indian roots."
  • Allison says, "One thing I would like to do before I die: help bring life into this world. I have a son, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever done so far! I would love to be there, helping, as someone else brings a life into their (and all of our) world!"
  • Sandy Carlson would love to return to Ireland.
  • Heart in SF "would like to live in so many places, to really experience them and not see just cathedrals and museums: Tahiti, Japan, Paris and Province, Firenze, Greece, Mexico, Tibet, Kenya?  Before I die, I want to write and publish books that add value to the lives of those who read them."
  • Homemaking Mama "would love to go overseas sometime before I die. I?m not too fazed where as there are so many places I would be happy to go. "
  • Miss Sarah at Puss Reboots says, "I?d like to visit Wales, get a novel or two published, ride a ship through the Panama canal and some other things."
  • Adelle Lauden would "love to go to Germany and meet my mother?s side of the family."
  • SJ Reidhead says, "I want to sail down the Nile on a barge, first class, treated as Cleopatra, preferably, stopping when I want to so I can do all the photography I can cope with."  I added a foxy boy to play with but that's just me!
  • Leigh at General Ramblings list: "1. live at the beach and walk everyday on the shore, raining or not. Take it in."
  • Tamara Hansen would like to publish her novels.
  • Julia says, "I want to see all the great ballet companies of the world in their home venues."
  • TWMark left 14 items.  I picked my favorite: "Thrive?I may be broken and aging but I can still prosper in the areas that matter to my soul."
  • Grace" would like to write a book about my life."
  • Kelly says, "I would really like to be able to travel to a different third world country every year, for mission trips."
  • Darla says, "At this point, I?d just like to have my family all on the same continent at once."
  • Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana would like to "sail around a good part of the world (not too picky about what part)"
  • Ivanhoe " would love to go swimming with dolphins."
  • Playful Professional wants "to go on a trip through Europe and not have to worry about pinching pennies."
  • Los Angelista "would like to be able to see my grandchildren graduate from college."
  • Jameil wants to get married and have children.
  • This Eclectic Life is going to "to kiss the Blarney Stone!"
  • The Gal Herself would like "to be more disciplined in my personal life"
  • Tempest Knight will "own the house of my dreams."
  • Sarah's list includes getting "my novel series published!"
  • Alice Audrey says, "Make you smile.  Maybe more than once."
  • Tink says, "A tattoo of the Vesica Pisces is something I?ve been thinking about too!"
  • Melanie would like to, "see my daughter grow up.  Definitely."
  • CEO says, "I?d get to meet Claudia and her husband, and have dinner. I covet That sourdough bread and honey."
  • CelticLibrarian says, " I want to publish a book.
  • Leanna Jackson says, "I hope to travel out of the United States."