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Thursday 13 - Adventure goals?

Let's face it. I can be an all work/no play girl. When Dax Moy launched his Magic One Hundred program, I was excited. 100 work goals, right?


There's an entire section on ADVENTURE.

...blink... blink...?




What about... WORK?

No seriously, WHAT ABOUT WORK?

You can see that I have a fairly serious problem. In order to create a little balance in my life, I started to work on a list of Adventure goals. And came up with exactly... two goals.

So, I asked my friends, my family and the usual suspects. I now have twelve Adventure goals. (Applause please)

Here's where you come in. I don't have any idea what adventures lurk out there in the world.

Here are my twelve goals. I need twenty.

Help a girl out and suggest another eight. PLEEEEEEZZZZEEEE!!!

thursday 13

THURSDAY 13 -?Claudia's Lame Adventure Goals for 2009

1. ?Plan one backpacking trip for the summer.

2. ?Ride the bike path from Idaho Springs to Georgetown

3. ?Go cross country skiing by myself (with Rose - of course)

4. ?Visit one national monument or park in Colorado?

5. ?Finally make it to Dinosaur National Monument (Very long story)

6. ?Visit the Denver Art Museums on a regular basis.

7. ?Learn to rollarblade (without killing myself)

8. ?Participate in one book club where either the Fey or Denver Cereal is discussed <--decidedly a work goal, don't you think? See! I suck!

9. ?Go Bungee jumping <--stolen from every middle aged losers adventure goal list.

10. Do one thing I'm not good at every week.

11. Find new spot to rollarskate and go rollarskating.

12. White water rafting <--see #9

13. Please help a girl out. I'll post your suggestions here with a link to your blog.