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Target Market? What the heck is that? Katherine Sears joins #BookMarket to explain

Since March, 2010, I've hosted #BookMarket Twitter chat. #BookMarket is Twitter's only chat about Book Marketing. It's grown into one of the best conversations about publishing on the Internet.  The chat is from 4-5 ET on Twitter.

Over the next couple months, I'm going to slowly start moving #Bookmarket over to this blog.


Today's conversation was both broad and technical as Katherine went into details about how to find your target market and how to engage it. We all learned a few new techniques to help engage our audience.

What I learned:

I thought Katherine's idea of pitching to blogs to write guest posts instead of asking for reviews was a wonderful idea. Katherine is the only person I know who's seen book sales increase after a blog campaign. This is clearly the reason why. I think it opens a lot of options for authors to find a niche and promote themselves via guest posts (vs. reviews). The other idea that stood out for me was having an author create their ideal reader as if they were a character. Her idea was that this would give the author a better idea of  a) how to engage their readers and b) where to find them to introduce them to their work.



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