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Strong walls.

"You can only walk on the roof when the walls are solid, stable and safe."

Video is about the amazing women who Parkour.  It's 3 mins. long.

This time of year, we are doing the subtle work on the supporting walls of our lives.  We clear closets and the detritus of our minds.  We dig in the garden and into our unconscious mind.   Our physical actions on the world often match our inner actions in our interior world.

At the same time, our impatience grows. We want dance on the roof!   We want to skip, skim, and jump through obstacles like the Parkour women.

And when our roof isn't stable?  Our lives a little early spring out of balance?

We are frustrated with ourselves. Even exhausted from our efforts, we still have almost nothing to show for it.   Our inner critic starts a familiar "not enough" chorus.

This week, let's reinforce safe, strong, solid and stable supporting walls for our lives by:

  • getting enough sleep,
  • eating a few vegetables and fruit,
  • getting moving - walk, run, lift weights, do some yoga, and
  • fighting the stress monkey.

Come July, the walls of our lives will be stable and strong.  We will dance on the roof.  Maybe, if we're lucky, we play along the Seine with the women of Parkour.

Happy Monday!