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A bunch of people have asked about my novels and stories.

I have recently finished the second in a series of novels about a woman who works for Military Intelligence here in Colorado.? They are thriller/intrigue/suspense-ish with a dash of relationship drama.? I am hoping to sell the two books at the same time and have them published within six months of each other.

Writing, editing, loving, reviewing a novel is one thing, actually getting it out there is another.? If you'd like to review a copy of book two (book one is in the middle of a re-write for pacing), email me at: opengrove@gmail.com or just leave it in a comment.? Our research, and feedback from various contests and critiques, says that women over the age of thirty will be interested in these books.? But who knows?? I appreciate any feedback and the gift of time.
In the meantime,? I've been working on some short stories to help improve the quality of my writing.? Recently, I've been writing short stories to song lyrics.? I posted one such story yesterday and will work this week to get some of the others up on the internet.? If you'd like to check it out, click here.

As always, thank you for participating in the conversation.