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St. Pat

Let's talk about St. Pat.

St. Patrick's day is a major holiday here.? It's when people "get their Irish" out.? (I have no idea what that means.)? You can drink copious quantities of green beer at any local bar.? There's a parade and a few events for people to celebrate their Irish hyphen.

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All in celebration of the saint who threw the "snakes" out of Ireland.

Of course, those "snakes" were actually non-Christian Pagans and the like.? They were ethnically cleaned by a fanatical Catholic monk who burned alive, hung, tortured, and who knows what else, men, women and children.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

I thought everyone knew this.? But it turns out that after copious quantities of green beer, people actually believe that the Catholic church made this guy a saint because he removed reptiles from a small island.? It takes all kinds.