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Squirrelly must die (and other updates.)

Sheez, not that Squirrelly!  This one:

These guys are no help.  No help at all.

Why must Squirrelly die? Because he's farming, then eating my lettuce!  As soon as it's four inches high - wham, squirrelly eats everything - then waits until it grows again.

The devastation:

See what I mean.  He ate just enough. He is now letting it grow to torture me into thinking I'm going to have a salad, then WHAM he eats the lettuce.

Of course, shooting, maiming, poisoning, torturing or hurting a squirrel is illegal by law in the City and County of Denver.  I wonder why they had to pass that law....

Anyway, on to updates.  We last looked at the urban farm on May 23.

May 23 : Bed 1

June 24 : Bed 1

May 23 : Bed 2

June 24 : Bed 2

May 23 : Bed 3

June 23 : Bed 3

(The blue things are called "walls of water". They are like portable terrariums. I use them around tomatoes early in the season. I'm using them here for watermelon - it's just not quite warm at night yet.)

Here's a few extra cool things. We decided to grow asparagus from seed:

Babies.... ahhhh.....

And even a baby blackberry!

(You can check out how we built these beds in this post.  Remember, there's two feet of loose, nutritious soil under each bed.)

Because someone, who will remain named Claudia, saw a buy 3 raspberry plants get 3 free deal meant that you type "3" in the quantity box, we wound up with 18 raspberry plants. That's right 18.

So the NEW raspberry bed:

You'll notice that the soaker goes under the fence. The neighbors "had to" take some raspberry plants off our hands. Oh and some basil and some Red Zinnias.

On to our bees.? We have four stable hives.? They seem very healthy and happy.? In fact, they are better than I've seen them in a long time.? Two hives already have honey supers on them (what we collect honey from).? I expect to add supers to the others next week.? Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for all your prayers and concerns.  This is quite an undertaking and so very fun!

Happy Friday!