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D.'s taken to calling me "Squint".

Now the word "squint" implies wrinkles.  While I am of age for wrinkles, my narcissistic mother instructed me to never, and I repeat, never ever, squint my eyebrows or wrinkle my forehead.  Without the help of Botox, I have very few wrinkles on my forehead.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have two wrinkles on my forehead.

So why does he call me "Squint"?

Because of the television show Bones.


We NetFlixed the show because I like Kathy Reichs and her character Tempe Brennan.  I spoke with her for the Open Grove a couple years ago.  She's an extraordinarily sweet and brilliant person.

A squint is a person who spends their day squinting at things.

Well all right, I spend my day squinting at things.  But that doesn't mean I need a nickname that implies WRINKLES!

Does it????