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Someone bought the haunted mansion.

If you've been around this limb for a while, you might remember me talking about the Croke Patterson Mansion.

From Legends of America :

Built in 1890 by Thomas B. Croke, this sandstone residence was one of the country?s most elegant homes. Now serving as an office building, it is also said to be one of the most haunted.

According to the legend Thomas B. Croke, only entered the palatial mansion one time and was so emotionally shaken by "whatever? was there, that he never returned. Just two years later it was sold to Thomas M. Patterson, who?s family kept the home for several decades. Over the next several years, the building served many purposes, including a dance studio, a radio station, and a boarding house before it was converted to an office building.  During the renovation to office space in the 1970?s, construction crews began to experience a number of strange occurrences.

After a long days work, they would often return the next day to find that the tasks they had completed the day before had been "undone.? After this had occurred several times, guard dogs were left to protect the property from what the workmen thought might be intruders. However, the next day they found the two Doberman Pinschers dead on the sidewalk after having apparently jumped from a third-story window. Once the renovation to office building was complete, employees almost immediately began to notice equipment, such as typewriters, copy machines, and telephone that mysteriously began to operate by themselves.

When a séance was held to determine who was haunting the building, they found it to be the spirit of a little girl whose body was supposedly entombed in the cellar. However, when the basement was excavated, they found a hidden chamber was found, filled with sea sand, but no remains of a little girl.

A ghostly image has often been sighted gliding up and down the main floor stairway and otherworldly voices have been heard here as well. Thomas Patterson, former owner of the home, is said to have been spied numerous times in the courtyard between the mansion and the carriage house.

When the building still served as an apartment building, occupants on the lower levels were known to complain about wild parties taking place on the third level. But, when these parties were investigated, they would be met with only silent emptiness.

(Photo gallery of Croke Patterson mansion)

I've read that it's the second most haunted building in Colorado and in the top ten buildings for the Western United States.

My first psychotherapy office was in the Croke Patterson Mansion from 1996-1997. (My office was the door to the left next to the second floor mirror.) when a Veterinarian purchase the office building with the desire to turn it into a private residence. He and his new wife moved into the home with her two children. They turned the house into a private residence then went bankrupt. The house has been empty for at least two years.

It's been for sale for at least a year.  Originally it was for sale for 1.3 million dollars. At last check, it was $495,000.  D asked me a number of times if I wanted to look at it. Usually, I love to look at old houses, and I love to house shop. But I wouldn't allow myself to get drawn into the demons, ghosts, and otherwise evil spirits of the place.

Someone has recently purchased the home.

May God have mercy on their souls.