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Six Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Angela and thought I'd give this a spin.

1.  I struggle with work-a-holism.  I closed my psychotherapy practice about a year ago because I had worked over eighty hours a week for the last five years.  (Well Ok, more like 100 hours a week - really.)  My friends barely recognized me.  I hadn't seen my family in literally years.  Now that I'm doing other work, I still struggle with working all the time.

2.  I love music.  All kinds.  I particularly love any song that is four minutes long. Now that's weird. My friends make fun of me because I like all these diverse four minute long songs. Most recently, I've been a bit obsessed with Paolo Nutini - check it out!

3.  I don't like chocolate.  I kind of grosses me out.

4.  I started lifting weights when I was thirteen years old.  I grew seven inches that year and had trouble with my knees.  I started at the insistence of my track team's athletic trainer.  And I love lifting weights.  I've spent most of my life around sweaty men pushing weigh around.

5.  I drink whiskey straight, win at poker, and can clear a pool table.  My grandfather would be so proud.

6.  I don't sleep very much.  Ideally, five hours of good sleep is perfect for me.  If I'm lifting and exercising, I'm able to get my ideal five hours.  I've heard all my life that I need at least eight hours - blah, blah.  Some day, I might just do that.

I am going to tag Nila, Pendullum, Squirrelly, and Kim.