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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 48 : Kindness Offensive

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Have you heard for the Kindness Offensive?

The brainchild of three Londoners who want friendliness and solidarity to replace the indifference so obvious in the streets of London that is epitomized by all the bumps and knocks of the bustling people and the ever present murmur of ?oh sorry?, ?excuse me?. It's a group in the UK that 'awards' people for their random acts of kindness.  They strive to make kindness fun and celebrate any and every act of kindness with kindness awards. They even organize volunteer campaigns through 'phone whispering.'

What a great idea.

Check out their You Tube site for videos of their efforts. This video is their most recent effort to help get toys to kids who are in the hospital.

It's amazing what a few people, with a goal of kindness, can do.