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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 37 : Goose poop hair.

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I've been learning to run. Three times a week, since May, I've laced up my running shoes and headed out with the husband and Rose. We mostly run along a new running trail that cuts through Denver's City Park. We like to head out in the cool wee hours.

Recently, we came upon a young man grooming himself with the use of the park sprinklers. Clearly unable to make it home last night, he had just finished brushing his teeth when we approached. As we jogged by, he began flattening is blonde tipped military buzz hair. He was well dressed with star tattoos on the back of his calfs. He gave us a sheepish grin then continued grooming.

"Don't say it," my husband said.

"Don't you think he should know?" I asked.

"He just finished brushing his teeth," he said.

Denver's City Park's sprinkler system is not connected to the City water. In fact, as a model of water efficiency most of Denver's parks use recycled gray water to fill their lakes. City Park's sprinklers are filled with the goose poop laden lake water.

Yep, he just brushed his teeth with it.

Sometimes, the kindest thing you do is what  you don't do. I didn't tell him.

What would you do?


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