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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 33 : Freaky kind people?

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I thought I would share a video today about kindness. Using my friend Google, I googled the word Kindness.

Then watched all these oddballs tell me about kindness. One guy talked about living among Hobbits (I kid you not) then beginning to understand Jesus. Another guy looked like he was high. Another was a liquor company using a funny spin on it's name. Everyone is selling something - a book, a website, a training class.

I wouldn't stand next to these people in an elevator, let alone post their video on my blog.

Where are all the regular people? The normal folks who just want a little kindness in their lives?

Holy crap, am I one of those freaky weirdos? (Desperate, I click through Google pages hoping beyond hope to find a normal face.)

It seems like people are more and more interested in kindness. And yet, our little Simply Kind Tuesday's started with a bang and has dribbled down to just a few people every week.

I've read that charitable giving is down. More people are going to food banks. Food stamp systems can't keep up with the demand. And that's here in Colorado where the economic downturn hasn't had the largest impact.

My fear is that as the world continues to change, we will become insular, self oriented, and forget that our strength is when we stand together.

Is it the economy? A shift in perspective? Or is kindness simply out of the mainstream?

What do you think?