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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 31 : A simple equation

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It's taken me a life time to learn this simple self kindness equation.

X = the amount of energy I have in any given day.

Things that take away energy:

J = junk food T = toxic or negative people A= anxiety W= work E = emotional upset L = lack of recovery (sleep, rest, mental down time, physical exhaustion) P = pain of any kind (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) x = excerise take some energy

Things that give back energy:

X = Exercise H = Fresh food R = Laughter M = Meditation S = Sleep

Some days look like this:  X = (J + 10A + 4E + L+ P + x )

All of that can happen before ten o'clock. I can:

  • eat junk for breakfast,
  • feel anxious about something,
  • become emotionally upset,
  • not take the time to recover from a workout and
  • feel physical pain.

Suddenly, it's ten o'clock and I'm exhausted. Does this happen to you?

Knowing this equation, I manage my energy levels.  Because when I run out of energy, I am not the kind Claudia I strive to be.

How? I work to keep the energy eaters at bay.  I rid myself of toxic interactions. I work to keep anxiety away. When I feel anxious, I used techniques like EFT or REBT to work through the situation. I write in my journal daily to keep emotional upset at a minimum. I used the Sleep Tracks to make certain I sleep at night. And exercise has to be a part of my daily life.

What do you do to manage your energy levels?

How do you make sure you have enough energy to accomplish what you need to?