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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 22 : Letting go.

Aunt Mary Ellen - Living Room

This is a picture of my mad Aunt Mary's home. It was literally stuffed to the brim with precious items. Each item was so precious that she was unable to care for any of them. Her precious antique Japanese kimonos molded. The antiques were fraught with termites.?

Her house so totally freaked me out, that this lentan season, I made the commitment to clear my home, my body, my mind and my life of clutter.?

Now, you should know that we aren't shoppers. In fact, our home is fairly spartan. We don't buy a lot of stuff that sits around. Thus, the clutter I'm referring to isn't extra objects or junk that lays around.?In fact, most of the clutter clearing has involved intense usage of the shredder and scanner.

For our spartan ways, we have relatives who love to buy us... things.?

My buddy, and organizational coach, Tommie tells me that I do not have to live with someone else's junk gifts. And, as always, she's right.

But, what do you do with that precious vase from Guatemala? Or the approximately one billion old photos of people who may or may not be related to you? How about that gorgeous oil painting that I happen to hate?

Do kind people have to just live among the detritis of other people choices? How does a kind person unload the 'precious'?

Only questions this week. Lemme know what you think!

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