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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 19 : Predictions

The sky is falling

You've heard them. So and so from someone's national trend center says definitively : "THE SKY IS FALLING!" Even Warren Buffet says the economy (an inanimate object) 'fell off a cliff.' ?(How the inanimate object received animation the managed to fall is still unknown.)?

Well. So what?

The only reason what's-his-toes from wherever is around telling everyone anything is to prove that he's right. He doesn't care that he's making things worse. He doesn't care that people are terrified. Why should he? He's just right.?

Big whoop!

If it's really going to be 'like we've never seen before', then NO ONE knows what it will be like? Maybe it will be Eden?

This thought inspired me to make my own predictions. Here are my predictions:

I predict an ever increasing rise in kindness, love and generosity.?

What do I mean?

I mean like my friend Angel over at Devyl Gyrl. She and her daughter were out delivering girl scout cookies. They visited a house on their list and found an elderly deaf and mostly blind man. His wife, who ordered the cookies, was in the hospital. Clearly distraught, he had no idea she ordered cookies. ?Angel helped him count out his money and change, then stayed for a moment just to chat. Unable to leave the man so alone, ?while her daughter was delivering to another home, she wrote a note with her telephone number.?

Or how about the fact that Fed Ex will print up to 25 resumes free today.?

Simple. Kind. Generous. Doable.?

Yes, I predict that kindness and generosity will increase over the next few years as we get through this drama together.?

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