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Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week 17 : Some days.

Just reach

Some days, kindness comes easily. And other days, it's wicked hard to be kind, think of the other person, believe that everyone's doing their best and blah blah blah.

Why are these days so different from each other?

In my search to understand kindness, I've learned that the difference is me. I either believe that I have something to give or I don't. Living kindly takes a lot of space and generosity.

Some days, the generosity runs out. I'm tired. I'm stressed out. I feel a lot of pressure. And most often, I've given too much.

I've learned that, on those days, the kindness thing I can do is work to refill my well. I might take a nap or knit for a while or plurk on nonsense with the plurkbuds, or....

What do you do to refill your well? How do you know when you need it?


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