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Recently, we had some friends over for a bar-be-que. Now these are the "must be entertained" kind of friends. They are a jovial bunch that all know each other well. About a 1/2 hour into this party, our sprinkler guy showed up. Our sprinkler guy is one of those super busy guys and he happened to show up to fix our ever aging system....in the middle of our party.

I spent the next hour or so talking to the sprinkler guy and his helper as the party continued.

As I returned to the party, the voice inside my head was that of my oldest sister. "You are so rude," she said inside my head. "You need to apologize to your guests."

It turns out that this is normal. New research into siblings shows that siblings do much of our modeling and chastising. In stuides, reported here in Time Magazine, siblings are more important than parents when it comes to rule setting and general modeling. Of course, any middle child could have told you that!

Of course the article includes the ubiquitous "middle children are lost" lie. I have decided that this lie is perpetrated by middle children so that no one notices when we take over the world. (Again, Bill Gates is a middle child.)

It's interesting none the less. Check it out and let me know what you think!