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Shock me.

You probably saw this article.  I had to share it because when I read it, I laughed my ass off.


Survey backs image of Mac users
(Rocky Mountain News, February 11, 2008)

Turns out that Mac owners are a lot like that Mac guy on the "Get a Mac" television commercials.

A lot of them really do think they're better than everybody else, according to AdAge.com.

A Mindset Media survey of 7,500 online consumers found that Mac users to be more assured of their superiority, less modest and more open than the general population, AdAge.com reports.

PC users, on the other hand, tended to be less-creative realists who are emotionally steady and work well with what they're given.


Ah, come on, you either are a Mac user, thus believe you are superior


you know someone who is a Mac user.

This is your chance to testify.