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Sexual exploration?

MSN has created a special report on sexual exploration in America.  For the first time in history, sexual exploration is said to have gone mainstream.

This is such a baby boomer topic.  First, of course, anything about sex is super exciting.  Secondly, they have changed the world forever.

Sorry - baby boomer rant.... couldn't help myself....

Here's the question: How do we know that things are different now?

In the Western United States, there were very few women.  Most marriages were mail order.  What did all those men do after drinking at the bars?

And what about all that Indian stuff?  You know the Kama Sutra?  (And of course it's modern PalmaSutra.)  Have you ever seen photos of  Khajuraho?  There's a lot of kinky shit there.  And this temple was discovered in the 1800s....  That's way before the "sexual revolution".

Have a sexy Friday!