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Seth is God.

No, not that Seth.

Seth Godin, of course.

I wrote a book review for his new book, The Dip

, for the Bring me up book club.  Check it out!


Ok, here's what makes Seth Godin cool.

I had a question. In the Dip, Seth describes a dead end as "cul de sac".? Dead end jobs.? Dead end relationships.? You get the picture.

But the problem/question I had was very simply:

Sometimes a dip feels like a cul de sac.? How can you tell the difference.

I emailed him this question.? Now, I am a fan of his, but we are not friends or buds or anything.? I'd be surprised if he knew who I was.

An hour later he replied:

"I think it's about either

a. modeling on other people who have made it through


b. figuring out what sort of progress you're seeing.

hope that helps"

And, not surprisingly, this does help. ;)