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Road trip.

With a kiss on my cheek, D. left for the long weekend.  He went to an obscure relative's birthday celebration in Clovis, New Mexico.  He returned with these statistics about his road trip.  They are pretty funny.

Amount of time gone:                     72 hours
Amount of time spent driving:         15 hours
Amount of time standing around:     36 hours

Number of close relatives in attendence:       3 (brother, mother, father)
Number of obscure relatives in attendence:    36 or 1 hour standing around/obscure relatives

Number of injured dogs:       1


Number of donuts:   11 (called a Dieter's Dozen)
1 meal at K-Bob's consisting of: 3 cheese burgers, 4 popcorn shrimp platters, 2 salad bars, 1 "the wagen" - steak special.
4 sopapillas
3 bags (!) of Cheetos


1 new cell phone charger
100 gallons of gasoline
1000 miles  (you do the math)

So what do we learn here?
Obscure relatives are involve a lot of gasoline and food which is burned off by hours of standing around.? Luckily, they also sang six hymns. Somehow that balances things out.