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Reviews, readers, and New Mexican Green Chile stew with book blogger Teresa #BookMarket

In the month of January, I'm doing a Twitter Interview (Twitterview) of many of the participants of the #BookMarket chat. These are people who come and generously share their wisdom week after week. The Twitterviews give them a chance to shine.

Today, I had a chance to chat with Teresa of @teresasreading. Teresa is a book blogger extraordinaire.

My take on the interview:

I think we often over look the readers perspective when we talk about book marketing. What do reader's want? Teresa does a good job expressing the needs of the reader and the reviewer. I was interested in her excitement in engaging authors. She didn't want to know more about them, what or how they did what they do, she wanted to connect on a real basis. That's a powerful message that every author should hear and understand.

Here's the interview:

ClaudiaC Q.1 - What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

teresasreading Hmmm, enthusiastic, loyal, industrious, sentimental, and nutty

ClaudiaC oooh nutty?? You mean like Pecans? or like a little wild? or...?

teresasreading definitely more like pecans than wild.

teresasreading I usually try to find the humor in most situations and generally am not afraid to poke fun at myself.

ClaudiaC :D So... New Mexican Pecans? We get them from the in-laws. You? RT @teresasreading: definitely more like pecans than wild.

teresasreading I love New Mexican Pecans. Love to stop in to Stahmann's. Now I want some green chile pecan brittle.

ClaudiaC Q.2 - What is your favorite thing about the publishing/writing world today?

teresasreading I still feel like it is all so new to me so I learn new things every day.  I love discovering the inner workings on how my favorite books came to be.  I also love the variety you can find. Always something to fit my mood. (yes, I am an confessed mood reader)

ClaudiaC When did you start reviewing books?

teresasreading I started my blog in Feb 2010 and began reviewing shortly before that on @goodreads. Although I have kept a journal of sorts for YEARS that I would write short highlights of books and my opinions so that I knew what I'd already read.

ClaudiaC What made you shift from reviewing on Goodreads to having your own blog?

teresasreading I started blogging because I was looking for something that would satisfy my need to talk books with others. I enjoyed the suggestions that I was getting from the blogs that I discovered.

ClaudiaC Huh, that's interesting.

ClaudiaC Q.3 - If someone was totally dialed into what you do, what would they understand about you?

teresasreading I also enjoyed the challenge of learning something completely new. I knew NOTHING about blogging or web related

ClaudiaC Yea for learning new things! :) I think it takes a lot of courage to take on an entire industry like that.

teresasreading That I truly am an eclectic reader. That I love sharing my passion for reading with others

ClaudiaC Q.4 - Why review books and write up your reviews? What do you like about it? What do you hate?

teresasreading My day job is something that doesn't allow for a lot of creativity or personality. Reviewing gives me that outlet.  It has shown me that I can be more creative. I love the community that I've found.

ClaudiaC Do you mind saying more? How is reviewing a release for your creativity?

teresasreading I love the fact that I get to chat with my favorite authors. I was floored the first time I sent an email to one and they responded to me. Maybe creative isn't the right word. It allows me to share my thoughts without being restricted by others.

ClaudiaC I know. Isn't that fun? And truthfully, they're thrilled to chat with you.

teresasreading reviewing also makes me think a bit more about what I'm reading, which I think makes me enjoy the story more.

ClaudiaC Who have you talked to that you really liked enough to call a 'favorite author'?

teresasreading I had no idea until that moment that they were even accessible! Oh my, the list is long and growing each and every day.

ClaudiaC I 'hear' you, but I interviewed.. oh I dk 200 authors? But the one I loved was Stephen J Cannell b/c I'm a fan of all his work  He stands out b/c I was such a big fan. Do you have any of those?

teresasreading my absolute favorite interview I've done to date was @sarahmccoy because we talked more than just books. It was such a fun interview to do

ClaudiaC That's fun. What else did you talk about?

teresasreading we talked beverages, cooking, candles, Green Chile, S New Mexico and Texas (she lives close to where my family is)

ClaudiaC Now that is very fun! :) Got to love a gal who knows her Green Chile's. I'm assuming Hatch,NM?Do you make stew?

teresasreading Family is in Las Cruces. I keep trying to make stew, but haven't landed upon the perfect recipe yet.

ClaudiaC I have a good one. I'll send it to you. The Husband's family is from LC/Clovis too.

teresasreading No kidding! That would be fantastic. Thank you!!

ClaudiaC Crock Pot baby! :) mmmm... Are you a veg? or is pork ok? RT @teresasreading: No kidding! That would be fantastic. Thank you!!

teresasreading pork please! I love the Crock Pot.

ClaudiaC Easy. RT @teresasreading: @ClaudiaC pork please! I love the Crock Pot.

ClaudiaC I know you're super busy, so I'll get back on track

ClaudiaC Q.4b - What do you wish most authors understood about readers? reviewers?

teresasreading Hmm... that is kind of tough. The one thing I struggle with is lead time. As much as I wish reading and blogging were my full time job, they come in after work and familyif someone wanted to pay me to do this... Oh a girl can dream. I'm not sure I can speak as a regular reader anymore, but I love it when authors are willing to form relationships. It makes me feel like they realize my time is valuable and that I spent some of that on/with them and their story.

ClaudiaC Reading is a kind of relationship between the author & the reader. It's hard to understand anything else.

ClaudiaC I think this is big b/c ppl don't think about it. RT @teresasreading: 1 thing I struggle w is lead time.

teresasreading This is true. Being able to talk to them through outlets such as twitter or their blogs adds an extra dimension. I love supporting authors. Especially those who have touched me with their story.

ClaudiaC I think it's valuable. To a certain extent, as a reviewer, you speak for every reader. It's helpful to hear

ClaudiaC OK, we're winding down... Q.5 - Everyone has a super secret ninja skill. What's yours?

teresasreading Hmmm the ability to build a leaning tower of TBR books and not have it topple over daily.

ClaudiaC ahahahahaha!!

ClaudiaC So what did we miss? What would you like to share that we haven't had a chance to talk about?

teresasreading I can't really think of anything. It is so nice to be appreciated not only for the time spent reading and blogging but also for the time spent sharing ideas with everyone in the group. Thank you.

ClaudiaC You bet!! And good luck! :) Thanks so much for your time and thoughts! :) *applause* *applause* *applause* *applause*

teresasreading **bowing down as gracefully as my belly allows**

ClaudiaC Here's the link for the chile, the key is the green chili's http://t.co/pg5EPm9f

teresasreading thank you for sharing this. I'm going to give it a try!

ClaudiaC It's super good - and very easy. Best we've had here in town. Thanks again! :)

teresasreading you are welcome, it was fun!

Tomorrow, I'm #twitterviewing with @dwainsmith at 4p ET - join us!