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Catching up on magazines the last couple of weeks.  Here's a couple of articles that caught my eye:

Jonathan Alter "He Only Saved a Billion People"
Norman Borlaug, an agronomist, is credited with saving one in seven people through a combination of soil conservation and planting techniques.  This is a single person who has made a huge difference in the world.

How to rule in the Blogosphere
Wired magazine has their "How To" issue this month.  You can learn how to do almost everything, or everything geeky, in one short issue.  Very cool.

Best Bra for Every Figure
I think this is fairly self explanatory.

SeetherBreaking Benjamin Puddle of Mudd

Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan supposedly had a relationship. This song is said to be about their relationship, but you can tell that it was never a very clear path for them.

Call me when you're sober:
Amy Lee is the lead singer in a band called Evanescence.  This song is supposed to be about her relationship with Shaun Morgan or the end of her relationship with Shaun Morgan.  She broke up with him, married a therapist, and had a baby - then released this song.

But then there's always the Remedy.

When asked if he would release a song in response to "Call me when you're sober":

Morgan recently told MTV, ?People would say to me, ?Yeah, man, I know what you?re going through,? and I was like, ?No, I don?t think you do.? Your ex-girlfriend didn?t write a song about you, that millions of people have heard, saying you?re a bad guy. As soon as that happens, buddy, come up and tell me you know what I?m going through.

I was bummed out. I was really upset that she would say and do those things. In any relationship, I don?t think it?s right to say and do those things when people break up, and she obviously felt the need to go out there and make me sound like a complete a?hole. What can I do? I just refuse to lower myself to that level. But it was a painful thing and it got me down ? people coming up to me on the street and referring to that song. But I didn?t feel the need to write back and be mean.?

Wikipedia reports

It's not as much listening as pondering the relationship drama.  But hell, I'm a middle child.  What would you expect?


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