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Reading list 2014

Claudia is a voracious reader. She also listens to books on tape while she works out.  She started keeping track of what she was reading mid-April 2014. Here's where it starts:

Significant books pre-April:

  • Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (Venuto) - finally released in hardback! :)
  • Stumbling on Happiness (Gilbert)
  • Linchpin (Godin)
  • Do the Work (Pressfield)
  • Don't bite the hook (Chodron)
  • Radical Self-acceptance (Brach)


  • The Shamanic Way of the Bee (Buxton)
  • On Writing Well (Zinsser)
  • Seeking Wisdom (Bevelin)
  • Kierkegaard in 90 mins (Strathern)


  • Crucible (Miller)
  • The Salem Witch Trials (Roach)
  • Salem Witchcraft (Upham)
  • Devil in the Shape of a Woman (Karlsen)
  • Devil in Massachusetts (Starkey)
  • Witch-Hunt (Aronson)
  • In the Devil's Snare (Norton)
  • Weird New England (Citro)
  • The Book of Law (Crowley)
  • Nudge (Thaler)
  • Murder at Eastern Columbia (McPherson)
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World (Mandino)


  • Thinking, Fast and Slow (Kahnerman)
  • Nudge, revised (Thaler)
  • War of Art (Pressfield)
  • Essentialism (McKeown)


  • 168 Hours (Vanderkam)
  • The Next Economic Disaster (Vague)


  • Night (Weisel)
  • The End of Overeating (Kessler)

Our dog got sick in September and everything turned upside down here. I've completely lost track of what I read when. Here's a list of some of what I read:

  • Comfortable with Uncertainty (Chodron)
  • Abundance: The future is better than you think (Kotler, Diamondis)
  • The Organized Mind (Levitin)
  • Why We Get Fat (Taubes)
  • God's Thunderbolt (Buchannan)
  • Mortification (Robertson)
  • Penguin Book of Witches (Howe)
  • Salem Possessed (Boyer)
  • The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster (Hardy)

Why aren't these affiliate links? Claudia lives in Colorado and Amazon et al will not allow affiliate accounts to Colorado due to a law which would require sales tax on affiliate payments. The law is currently held up in court.

Because much of Claudia's research material is out of print, Claudia gets her books from the library, the Paperback Swap, Better World Books, Abebooks, Audible, The Tattered Cover, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.