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Questions about ghosties.

I realized that I have a few more questions to answer by the end of the month!  Yikes!  Time to get busy answering a few questions.

She asked me a few questions about spirits.

1.  Do you have a familiar spirit that you feel like you've gotten to "know"?

This is a challenging question for me because it turns on the idea of "knowing".? As human beings, our minds think in past, present and future.? "Knowing" a friend means that you know their history, their present world and their future goals and plans. Right?

In my experience, and again it's just my experience, spirits live past, present and future all at once.? "Knowing" a spirit is to know their presence, the way they feel or even smell, their ideas and wisdom.? Some spirits are funny, full of laughter.? Others are serious and wise.? Some spirits have great capacity and wisdom.? Others do not.? Just like people.

I meet, engage, and communicate with beings - human, animal, spirit, and others.? Some spirits have been around me all my life.? Others pass through my life.? Just like people.? Just like beloved pets.

2.? Would you consider writing a biography of a spirit you've lived with?

No.? Mostly because, in my experience, spirits don't really have a biography.? Once unattached from their body, they no longer care or remember their life.? Remember, as spirits, their experience is past, present, future all at once.

I believe that we make connections on a soul level.? These connections can last an eternity. Once we leave this human experience, our connections to other beings is what remains.

Another way to say this is: Our ancestors wait, almost begging, for us to ask for their help.

Murder? Violent Death?? Yeah, it's really common for people to ghost hunt for "information" about murders or violent death.? My experience with these beings is that they want someone to understand their pain.? They don't care about setting things straight or finding their murderer. Why would they?? (Remember past, present, future all at the same time.)? These beings want to be known, heard, and? understood.

Many ghost hunters disagree with me here.

I can only speak to my own experience.? Certainly my experience is influenced by my experience with people in therapy.? There is no real truth - five people who have the exact same experience will not be impacted by that experience in the same way.? What is different?? Our experience, our history and what these events mean to us.? Why would it be any different from spirits?

3.? Can people train themselves to see things outside the physical world?

Of course.? First, you must understand a few realities.

Human beings see in a very, very small range of light.? We hear in an even smaller range of sound. ? Moreover, our mind dismisses 80% of what we see and hear and 100% of what we don't understand or expect.? Further, the minuscule amount that we manage to take in is translated through our experience and history.

Start here.

Understand that you don't see everything.? You cannot hear everything. And more than anything you are right at this moment missing 80% of what's going on right in front of you? at this moment.

Dragons?? They probably exist.? Why else would there be a word for dragon in every single language around the world?

Bigfoot? Why not? A person is more likely to see Bigfoot in the Rocky Mountains than a wolf.? No shit.? (Check out the documented sightings at BFRO.net)? We believe wolves exist.

Spirits?? They are right in front of you.

Angels?? Sure.? Why else does it feel so amazing in old churches?

There are great programs available.? But if you cannot accept the previous as possible, you just won't get there.? And that's fine.

There's a time for everything.

And what if it's all bullshit?

What if it is?? Who cares?

The most intelligent of all of us believe that we know, and understand, a fraction of what exists.? Maybe we are simply not smart enough to get there.