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Prosperity and the toilet seat

Every once in a while, a stranger breaks into our house.  He doesn't steal or break anything.  In fact, the only thing he does is leave the toilet seat up.  I know what you are thinking but no one here would be so inconsiderate as to leave the toilet seat up.  This pesky stranger secretly enters our home, heads straight for the bathroom and leaves the seat up.  It's annoying but not dangerous, right?

It turns out that leaving the toilet seat up literally robs us of our prosperity.  In my conversation with Gabrielle Alizay, author of Feng Shui for the rest of us, she discussed of the importance of leaving the toilet seat down. (This interview will be released this week in our "Awaken" audio magazine.)  It turns out that abundance is literally pulled down the drain when the toilet seat is left up.  This is also true if the sink and tub drains are open or if you leave the bathroom door open.

My guess is that this stranger has known this fact all along and has purposely and intentionally sent our prosperity - uh - into the toilet.  At least that's what I am going to tell the police the next time I discover the toilet seat up.