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Please help

There are few things I care more about than honeybees. I don't know why I love them so much. Since I was a little girl, I've always loved them.

I love the way they get along. I love their 'one for all and all for one' spirit. Did you know they will take care of any honeybee brood - even if it's not theirs? Did you know that if a robbing honey bee gets caught in a hive at dark, that bee becomes a part of the hive? They are amazing creatures.

And they are dying.

I know what you may have heard. It's a mysterious pest or maybe a mysterious virus.  <--- this research was funded by Bayer the maker of the pesticide.

The bees are dying because of a pesticide. Period. And the EPA knew about it.

The Environmental Protection Agency was willing to allow the wholesale destruction of the prehistoric creature that our entire food industry is based upon, to die off.

What can we do?

Start by signing this petition to the EPA.

Then pass it on.

Post the petition to your twitter stream, on your blog, at Plurk or Facebook. Let people know what's going on. Talk to your friends. Talk to your local government. If the EPA doesn't care about honeybees, we must.

Why should we care about honeybees?

Besides the fact that they are prehistoric creatures that came onto the scene a long, long time before human beings, they created every flowering plant on the planet. They are at the root of modern agriculture.  Almost every food you put in your mouth had a bee responsible for it's creation.

Sign this petition to the EPA.

Because food is a really good thing.

Link to the Coalition against Bayer (German site) : Clothianidin (Bayer): EPA Asked to Pull Pesticide Linked to Bee Kills