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People that matter.

Time Magazine has published its Person of the Year issue. Ironically, this year YOU are the person of the year.

You probably didn't get that email.  It was lost in your spam filter.  I am working on my acceptance speech.

The issue also includes photos and essays on the "People that Mattered."  It's a fascinating look at this year and well worth the distraction.  If you are squeamish, it does included the Anti Christ (Donald Rumsfeld) and his friends, the Ronriest man (Kim Jong II), the president of one of the largest oil producing countries in the world (Hugo Chavez - didn't know about the oil did you?), some conservative closet cases (Ted Haggard and Mark Foley), and Pluto (not the dog, the planet).

Of course, no one asked me what people mattered to ME this year.

Did anyone ask you?  Who's on your list of people that matter this year?