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On the urban farm....

While sitting on my neighbor's deck, I overheard this conversation:

"Can you believe it? She actually keeps bees?" The woman said.? "She even said that she wanted to GROW her food this year."

Was she talking about me?? I don't know her.

"Oh, she's ridiculous," the other woman said.? "What does she thinks she has?? An urban farm?"

They laughed.

My neighbor whispered, "That's not you.? They are talking about someone in Boulder.? They don't need to know about your backyard."

Now at least I know what to call our little project.

Here's a little update.


  • We have four beehives.
  • One with a beautiful Zia Queenbee.
  • Another that is in the process of requeening itself.
  • And two swarms. The third swarm did not stay.


  • Everything survived the last snow storm and is beginning to grow!
  • We've planted almost everything.
  • We are starting new beds because order 3 get 3 free raspberries plants meant 18 plants and not 6 as I thought.? I'd complain but come on. Who wouldn't eat more raspberries if given the chance??
  • We are still waiting for a blueberry and strawberries.? Our squash and watermelons have not come up yet but we are optimistic.

Bed 1

Bed 2

Bed 3

Hope your weekend is going well!