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On random...

I've been wicked sick. (I'm taking antibiotics for the first time in over 10 years.) In my delirium, I've found a few puzzles and interesting things that I knew you'd want to see.

My new favorite photograph:

My new favorite intrigue:

271 previously unknown Picasso's found

This is an amazing story. Seriously. Did the electrician steal the pictures? Did Picasso give them to him?

Clearly they were in a box in the garage for 30 years - no one doubts that. No one doubts their authenticity too. These paintings are the real deal.

How did he get these painting? His wife says that one day without ceremony, Picasso gave him the box. That seems very likely and... who knows?

And why sell them now?

What's obvious but deserves repeating:

Anonymity Breeds Contempt Online

Recently, I was bullied by a woman on the Organic Beekeeping list. It was a little unbelievable because she told me I was an idiot, a fool and just too stupid to figure out what was going on with my own bees.


Seriously... an idiot? stupid? really? what?

There's never been a question that I'm a fool. After all, who but a fool would keep bees in the middle of the world's worst bee crisis.

Anyway, she's the leader of that list and I'm no longer a member. I took my idiocy and went home.  So there.

And, I believe it's my anonymity that allowed her to spew her venom. I can't imagine she's that way in person. In fact, I find beekeepers to be amazing people, kind, funny, interesting. Well, everyone but her.... ;)