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My phone has a life of its own on TikTok


Someone named, possibly, "Rusty", used my cellphone number on TikTok. He or she told his or her viewers that they should "call" to connect.
I've been getting calls non-stop since about 11 p.m, Saturday night. I checked my TikTok account, changed the password, etc, but that wasn't the problem. I talked to the cellphone company and their only solution was to change the number on the phone or for me to try to wait it out. I would ask TikTok to take the post down, but I can't find it.
The calls are from very young girls -- teens? pre-teens? -- from around the world. They seem very excited or nervous. They're usually panting a little bit. When I've answered, they don't respond so there's no way to get information from those who call. But they are calling for a reason. I'm not sure what. And, I'm confident that they are not calling to speak with me. As for me... I trying to wait it out. My phone is on "do not disturb" so I am now getting messages from breathless young girls from all over the globe.
Hopefully, this will end soon.

(UPDATE: 10,000 + phone calls and texts from 4/21 to 5/21 and then, as fast as it started, it ended. I still get the occasional call but I no longer answer my phone.)