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My life in six words.

I wondered over to Odat's site Monday morning and saw her six word memoir.  This reminded me that the lovely Blue Ridge Mountain Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes tagged me for a six word memoir a while ago. *

Ok, I lied.  I didn't forget that Colleen tagged me.  I wrote a bunch of delicious six word memoirs.  When I shared them with my darling husband, biostatistician math geek, he said:

"One memoir, six words.  Not twenty six-word segments. That's a poem."


He's a brutal writing task master.  I must tell you, though. My writing has improved because of his attention to detail.    So, I'll stop complaining... right... about... HERE.

My life in six words.

"Happy living just outside your normal."

Yep. That sums it up.

I'm gonna tag a few: FuriousBall, HRH from June Cleavers Nirvana, Tommie at Tuesday's Update, that other Claudia, oh and the other Claudia, and No Nonsense Girl, who's name MIGHT be Claudia (you never know!), Liz at Los Angelista (her name is definitely not Claudia) and my darling Squirrelly at Lone Grey Squirrel.  I'd ask Jameil but she'll say 'no' so I'm not going to ask. (Love you J!)

If you want to do this - go for it.  It's fun!

Feel free to do as many as you want.  Odat did about six and Colleen did a sixteen.


Colleen was tagged by Pearl and, in turn, tagged Deana, Bonnie, and Country Dew, June, and of course, me. -----