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This time of year, in Denver, the mice move inside.? I don't know where they live the rest of the year.? But every year, around the end of November, they move inside.

Little gray mice inhabit TPWAWP.

And Saturday, a little gray mouse streaked past with the dog on its tail.

Now remember, I took that vow.? You know the one to ease suffering and not kill mice?

The first time we had mice, we lived in this little 700 sq foot duplex about 2 miles east of here.? I thought, "What?s the harm?"? D. wanted to kill them and I was against it.? After all, I am supposed to ease suffering right?? I mean how many mice are we talking about?

That was dumb.

The mice got into our bodybuilding supplies, specifically MetRX.? MetRx is this semi-pharma product that is shown to increase muscle mass and reduce fat.? It's sponsored by a bunch of muscle bound guys and some gals with lots of plastic surgery.

Anyway... the mice got into the MetRx and became uber-mice.

I know that you are like, "riiiiiight."

But the mice population grew exponentially.? It was unbelievable.? In no time, there were little gray mice running around the entire house. I finally gave in and decided to give the mice some suffering.

"But not the poison, D."? He nods looking at me like I am completely crazy.

We got some sticky traps.? But our uber-mice would only get stuck for a moment, then literally walk off the trap. Sometimes, they would walk away with the trap.? More than once, a mouse would get stuck, and then another mouse would come along and free it.? In a week, there was sticky stuff all over the house.

So we bought some super sticky traps.? You know the kind made for 10 pound rats?? Same thing, but now we have super stick stuff all over the house.

We could here them in the heating system at night.? They mocked our sticky traps.? They laughed at our feeble attempts to cull their population.

What's a girl to do?? Have a house warming for a thousand bodybuilding mice?? We called the exterminator.? $64 later the mice were dead.

And the little gray mouse from Saturday?? It's gonna suffer.