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Lost and once regained?

Britney Spears admits to having "lost" her virginity to Justin Timberlake.  (We personally believe that she lost in in the cracks of the couch and could probably find it among the loose change and old popcorn.)

Now Justin Timberlake is bringing "Sexy Back".

I am wondering if he might also give back her lost viriginity. He doesn't need it anymore and it would give her a fresh start.  She could return to the "I-am-a-virgin-dressed-like-a -whore" persona.  It was so much more profitable than the "I'm-a-complete-idiot" persona she has currently adopted.

Of course, if her lost property is returned, what does that mean about her two children?  Are they children of a virigin mother?  Will Britney now compete with Madona?